Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thinking Pink at Christmastime

I have been enjoying a pyramid of apples that I put together on a pink cake stand last week so much that I haven't eaten an apple for a week so as not to ruin it's colourful beauty! Finally this morning I took a photo and then ate an apple. Turned out the apples look prettier than they taste. I'm going to have to make an apple crisp or a pie or find some other delicious way to use them up. But alas, this post is not about apples, it's not about anything really, except the pretty pink things I keep seeing that are making me think about Christmas. Now, Christmas is not usually a holiday that is celebrated by decorating the house in pink, but that may change at my house this year. I bought some beautiful berry-ish pink plant at the florist a while back which is lasting a super long time and I've been admiring it's beauty on my kitchen windowsill behind the sink. It contrasts so nicely with it's pale greenery and cute pink berries to the bone-chilling cold and snow outside. It makes me think of life in this season of dormancy. Pink is the colour of happiness, youth, flushed cheeks, baby pigs, rhubarb crisp and little girls dresses and for me a nice change from the ubiquitous red and green of Christmas. So I'm going to drink a glass of sparkling pink wine and toast to a pink Christmas.