Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Figue et Noisette

I decided today to set up my new blog, Figue et Noisette.  I decided on that name firstly because I wanted something French, as france is my second (oh wait, maybe third) true love and the country that inspired me to start my dessert catering business that I ran for three years. Also, figs and hazelnuts are among my favourite things to eat, and can be used in so many ways, sweet and savory. Lastly, I think of the fig as such a beautiful representation of femininity and the hazelnut seems a good masculine symbol.  So we have the yin and yang, two very different, natural foods that complement each other, yet are so different, one luscious, sweet and soft, one crunchy and rich. Okay, you get the idea....
This will be my place to share recipes, play with my new camera (which I haven't bought yet....), and write about cooking, baking, gardening, traveling and all things related.
I may take a while to get back here because I want to wait for my new camera before I start posting, but please bookmark me and come back. I will have lots of recipes and yummy food ideas!

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