Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions and 2008 Favourites

So, I made a list of all my New Year's resolutions, and there are many. Usually I don't really intend to keep them, but this year I made fairly achievable ones. Do more yoga, write more, keep the blog up to date, things of that nature. So in the interest of getting the year off on the right foot, I decided to post one last entry in 2008.
This photo of Roo is my favourite image of Christmas 2008. She just embodies Christmas in this picture. You can see the happy chaos around her and the big smile on her face. I know dogs can't smile, but look at that face, if she could smile, she would be in this picture.
Here are a few of my favourite food related things from this year:

Favourite meal in a pinch: Red Lentil and Sweet Potato Curry

Favourite morning tea: Milk Oolong

Favourite evening tea: Honeybush Botswana (a blend of honeybush tea with calendula and sunflower I believe)

Favourite spice: Spanish Smoked Paprika

Favourite thing to make with fresh tomatoes: Pa Amb Tomaquet

Favourite healthy snack: My healthy banana cake, which I made yesterday with dates and walnuts, mmmmmm!

Favourite new ingredients: local organic spelt flakes, quinoa flour, red quinoa 

Favourite homemade jams: Nanking Cherry, Apricot Vanilla with apricot almonds

2008 has come and gone, I did a lot of cooking and baking and not a lot of photography (another of this year's resolutions!). We will be celebrating with friends, dogs, wine and a fire tonight to ring in the new year. Hope it's a happy, peaceful and healthy 2009 for all!!

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