Friday, January 9, 2009

Crepes Sucrees

This post is a bit overdue, but I wanted to give you my crepe recipe.
On new year's morning I decided crepes would be the best thing to go with my traditional New Year's Morning Mimosa.
Crepes sucrees are one of my favourite meals, if you can call them a meal. Once in a while a lot of sugar is just what I need for dinner. My favourite ways to eat them are either with some melted butter and white sugar or a squeeze of lemon and sugar. Both of these ways can be very messy, so you need a plate to catch the drips. JS loves them with strawberry jam or nutella. They are also delicious with some pear or apple compote. Enjoy them with whatever tickles your fancy!

Crepes Sucrees

2 cups (or 250g) flour
500 ml milk
3 eggs
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp white sugar
2 tbsp melted butter
as for flavouring your batter, you can leave it as is, or add any of the following alone, or in combination. I personally usually put in some orange flower water and vanilla.
2 tsp orange flower water
1 tsp vanilla
grated lemon zest 
a glug or rum
extra butter or canola oil for greasing the pan

Put flour, sugar and salt in a bowl and give them a whisk together. Add about half your milk, whisking it in as you go.
Beat the eggs together in another bowl then add them to your flour and milk mixture along with the melted (but not hot) butter. Whisk this all together and slowly add the rest of the milk. When the batter is done it should e the consistency of heavy cream. 
Let the batter sit for about 20 minutes.
Now, if you are using a crepe pan, that's great. If not, use a non-stick frying pan. Heat your pan at about medium heat. Get a little bit of oil or melted butter on a folded up piece of paper towel and wipe this onto the pan.
With a soup ladle, pour a bit of batter onto the pan to check your heat. The batter should have time to move around the pan before it sets, but it should set fairly quickly. You need to use two hands for this, one hand to ladle and the other to twirl the pan, like I'm doing in the picture. After about 2 minutes it should be time to flip your crepe. You can do this the French way, by tossing it into the air (which you must try at least once, even if it ends up on the floor!), or by lifting an edge with a butter knife or a spatula and flipping it with your fingers. Leave it for another minute or 2 on the second side until it looks golden and beautiful, then slide it onto a waiting plate. The first crepe is for the cook, because it's not usually the prettiest. If your batter seems to thick or too thin, add a bit of milk or a bit of flour until it seems right to you. 
Finally you are ready for the assembly line. I always have a cloth handy for drips, my paper towel for greasing the pan between crepes and a plate for the finished products.
This might seem complicated, but I promise you it isn't! It just takes a bit of kitchen organization and the result is infinitely worthwhile! 
Bon appetit et bonne annee!


Kaylovesvintage said...

that looks yummy( I will try to make it)

Elra said...

Hi Kristin,
Your crepe really look delicious. I love making crepe on the weekends. My son love it very much, infact if he has friend sleeping over, he will ask me to make crepe for breakfast. I'd normally serve the crepe with butter and sugar, or with jam. The just love it, and can eat so many of them. Imagine 5 boys, age 18 - 19 yrs old. They can eat many many crepes.

kristin said...
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kristin said...

Thanks Kay, hope they work out for you!

Elra, that is a lot of crepes! You must be in front of the stove for hours! What a good Mom!